PURAFEM Skin Brightening Anti Melasma Kit


  • Helps Remove the Appearance of Dark Spots
  • Helps Lighten the Skins Complexion
  • Promotes a More Smooth Looking Complexion
  • 100% Protection for your skin from the Suns UV rays
  • Tightens the Skin for a Youthful Look

PURAFEM Skin Lightening Kit Includes..
  • 1 x High Grade Skin Lightening Cream 20ml
  • 1 x Premium Dark Spot Remover Serum 15ml
  • 1 x SP60 Total Sun Protection Cream 20ml

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Love your all natural product…been using for several months and plan to reorder in future…if your having any specials on products or coupons ;) plz send to me & po box 68 blue ridge summit, PA. ***** TY Craig

Brilliant really works

It seems to be working so far, so I’d like to continue to add just a bit more. Thanks!

I was a skeptic, but hopeful, after less than 1 month, I have noticeable results, looking forward to the next month!

Product Description

PURAFEM Skin Brightening Cream, Dark Spot Remover Serum and SPF60 Sun Protection Cream  is your safe, natural solution for a glowing, more brighter complexion.


Your skin is a barrier from a variety of outside forces and is susceptible to the environment and hormonal and physical changes which can make your skin’s complexion appear blemished with an uneven tone.


natural skin lightening

Natural products are a preferable choice when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and bright. There are lots of choices and it can be a mine-field out there, so how can you be sure the product you choose is the best product for your skin?


Products that comprise the PURAFEM Skin Brightening Kit use natural ingredients that are safe, and can help fade freckles, liver-spots, and treat darker melasmic areas. Whilst improving the suppleness of your skin with natural skin-nourishing plant-based ingredients. It’s the safest way to brighten the appearance of those dark spots with natural ingredients from mother nature herself.



Active ingredients in PURAFEM Skin Brightening Cream, Dark Spot Remover and UV Sun Protection brighten the appearance of your skin and promote a healthier, more even-looking complexion.




More Information

Exposing Your Skin to Any Sunlight (Even On A Cloudy Day), is Putting Your Skin at Risk of Over-Pigmentation, Liver Spots and Excess Melasma

Get Maximum Protection from the Sun’s UV Rays AND for Maximum Skin Lightening Benefits Try the Complete Skin Lightening Kit – With No Risk


Sometimes we can forget just how strong the Sun’s rays are even on a cloudy or overcast day, and even if you’re behind a glass window at home or in the car. Where there is any Sunlight whatsoever, there are UV rays.


The Power of the Sun’s Rays


You could consider that the Sun’s UV rays are the ‘activators’ for skin cells to turn cancerous and they also stimulate the over production of more melasma and hyper-pigmentation, this in turn darkens the skin and reverses any efforts you make to protect your skin.


Using the SPF60 UV Sun Block Regularly will..


  • Stop the Sun’s UV rays penetrating your skin
  • Prevent the Sun reversing your efforts
  • Prevent hyper production of melasma
  • Assist your daily skin lightening routine
  • Maintain a lighter skin tone

- A Natural ‘Veil’ for Your Skin


This is why, even if you do shade your skin from direct sunlight and you use a natural lightening lotion, cream or serum – it could all be in vein unless you’re fully protected from the strong ultra violet rays by choosing to use a (just as powerful) total sun block to keep a barrier in-between your skin and the hyper-pigmentation activating UV rays.

Prevention is Better than ‘Cure’


You may or may not already know that some skin lightening chemicals being sold right now are actually banned in some countries due to the ‘acid-like’ bleaching effects some ingredients can have on your skin. I’m talking about ingredients like kojic acid.


I don’t know about you but bleaching your skin with harsh chemicals that work by ‘burning’ off layers of skin is a definite NO NO!


I’ve seen the results of these chemical bleaching ingredients. Using those ingredients do lighten the skin but they are too harsh and can leave your skin with a permanent ‘jig-saw’ effect skin tone – I’m sure you’ll agree this is awful, not what you want and more importantly is not at all healthy for your skin.


‘Natural’ Trumps ‘Chemical’ Every Time


This is why natural ingredients that work to solve the over pigmentation at the root cause is much better than trying to burn away skin cells. Natural ingredients work over time to ensure you are treating the problem correctly without resorting to cheap chemicals.


PURAFEM skin lightening products contain ALPHA-ARBUTIN, a natural ingredients that blocks epidermal melanin biosynthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of Tyrosine and Dopa. Which basically means that when using the skin lightening cream together with the serum over time it will..


  • Block the production of melasma naturally
  • Reduce the production of liver spots
  • Result in an overall, more even complexion
  • Your skin will be beautifully toned


Give Your Skin A Chance

It’s OK to just apply a natural product now again but unless you live in total shade, totally sheltered from the sun all the time, which of course I know you don’t then you need to use the sun block on a regular basis.


At the same time, if you want to benefit from any natural product to prevent the melasma being produced in the first place then you’ll need to use all three products together on a regular basis.


In doing so you’ll be giving your skin a chance to recover from hyper-pigmentation, which is why you can get your supply shipped to your door every month, without having to remember to place a new order and without all your efforts being reversed by just a couple hours exposure to Sunlight.Lock-in your monthly supply today to..


  • Receive a continuous supply without having to remember to reorder every time
  • Give your skin the best chance and protection against recurring melasma
  • Prevent the Sun reversing all your efforts to control pigmentation
  • Ensure a lighter and brighter skin-tone all the time
  • Lock in Free shipping today


It’s essential to continue to protect your skin all the time!


– For just $42 per month including FREE shipping you can ensure you are protecting your skin from melasma, liver sports and recurring over-pigmentation for a lighter overall and healthy skin tone.

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