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Additional Benefits of Natural Breast Enhancement

Anyone seriously weighing the options available for breast enlargement or enhancement can easily see why an approach based on herbal products is preferable to breast implants. The inherent dangers of an elective surgery alone are enough to make seeking an alternative a wise choice. The idea of choosing thousands of dollars for the privilege of being placed under anesthesia and having two foreign objects inserted into the body seems almost insane. Yet millions of women subject themselves to this torture not once, but multiple times because the implants can only safely remain in the body for a limited time. Complications are common and the pain is great.  Using a natural system of breast augmentation has multiple benefits instead of multiple risks.

  1. Privacy

The ability to perform the natural procedure in the safety and privacy of the home is very important. The decision to alter one’s body is a sensitive and private matter and being able to keep it that way from beginning to end is a luxury everyone should have. Products are usually shipped with discreet packaging and even members of the household don’t have to know that the procedure is happening. Well, they will when the results start to show.

  1. Natural Progression

Nothing is more awkward than showing up for work after a few days with a noticeably altered physique. Co-workers feel awkward, too! What can they say, “Hey, nice boob job”? This benefit overlaps with the idea of privacy but the natural progression of growing the breasts through herbal procedures makes the user and everyone else able to accept the improvements more comfortably.

  1. General Health Contributions

Since herbal ingredients are the basis of natural breast enhancement programs, especially those containing Pueraria Mirifica, they tend to have a positive effect on other areas of the body as well. The high concentration of the photoestrogens in Pueraria Mirifica, for example, promote overall hormonal balance and have been proven to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with menopause. Just about any organic herb will produce positive side effects in varying degrees.

  1. Cost

For many people, this is the biggest factor in deciding to give natural breast enhancement systems a try. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by most health insurance providers and since breast augmentation is an elective surgery, the exorbitant price tag can be downright frivolous given today’s economy. For most, the price of surgical augmentation is cost-prohibitive. All things considered, it’s probably for the best. Natural breast enhancement procedures cost a fraction of what surgical options cost.

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Dodged Bullet: A Woman’s Breast Enlargement Journey

I have always preferred to refer to myself as “petite”. At the age of 27, I was happily single with no children and a job teaching which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although a little on the shy side, I have never been completely without romantic interests. I have a fairly active social life but I usually preferred to stay at home with a good book. I was never one to initiate conversation with people I did not know and usually had friends who seemed to enjoy “fixing” me up with eligible men they knew.

I have a good friend, Jackie, who had recently gone through a particularly tough divorce and decided that since she was in her 30s and newly single, it was time to make a definitive change in her appearance to celebrate her freedom. She decided to get breast implants. She asked me to go with her to the cosmetic surgery and make sure she got home alright and I did. Everything seemed to go fine and once she was comfortably on her couch with pain relievers close at hand, she assured me that I could leave her and go home. I visited her a few days later and got to see the dramatic results of her procedure. She was definitely bigger and I was amazed at the happiness her new breasts seemed to give her.

Later that night, I took a long, hard look in the mirror. I began to wonder how much of my personality was actually dictated by my size 32A bust line. Would I be more outgoing if I knew men liked what they saw when they looked at me? Would I be able to fix myself up on a date if I had the confidence to walk up to a man and introduce myself? I decided that it was time I changed what seemed to be an oversight by Mother Nature.

I called Jackie the next day to ask for the phone number of the surgeon who had performed her implant operation so I could make an appointment. She said, “I’ll do you one better. Can you pick me up and take me back to his office?” She had called for an appointment due to extreme pain and tightness in her chest. She was scared and I was scared for her.

Jackie had developed capsular contracture and had to undergo an additional surgery to remove the scar tissue that had developed in her breasts. Although I felt bad for my friend, I have to admit that I felt worse for myself. I had decided to take control over and change my body but I had no intention of going through the pain and expense of multiple, risky surgeries. I had to be grateful for the timing of Jackie’s complications. I really dodged a bullet!

At home after a couple of glasses of self-pity, I decided to surf the net for other options for breast enhancement. I stumbled upon an article about an organic breast enlargement system based on the herb Pueraria Mirifica. The idea of growing my breasts naturally took hold and I ordered a kit from Purafem.

That was seven months ago. Jackie has recovered well from her surgeries but she is angry about the $8000 she spent of her divorce settlement. I on the other hand, am celebrating the fourth new bra I’ve had to buy since beginning my use of Pueraria Mirifica. My bust size has grown from a 32A to a 34C. I have also had to do a little more shopping for new blouses since I no longer feel the need to wear all crew-necks. My breasts started to noticeably grow within 30 days of using the system and I’m actually enjoying the change I see in the appraising looks of men I meet. I don’t accept blind dates anymore and I finally feel like my body and personality match.

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Can Breast Massage Help Natural Breast Enhancement?

There are many options for the woman who wants to increase or improve the condition of her breasts. These can range from dietary supplements to the drastic measure of surgical breast implants. For those who choose to follow a more natural path to breast enhancement, massaging can play an important role.

While use of natural breast enhancement products may stimulate the growth of breast tissue, breast massage will help guide that growth into the desired shape. Many women use natural breast enhancement systems for firming and toning the breasts they already have. Regular use of massage will encourage the breasts to lift and become more toned by training the tissue.

Although most people perform breast massage on themselves, a partner can not only improve the efficiency of the massage but can make the procedure a more pleasurable experience. It is important to remember the purpose of the massage in order to maintain the appropriate amount of pressure and consistency of motion. Take the time to watch some of the many videos available on the internet that show professional and amateur administered massages to give you both some guidance.Basic Massage Technique

1.Stand in front of a mirror with the upper body completely exposed. Clothing will only hinder movement and accuracy. RELAX. This is a time to focus on your body. Allow for enough time to concentrate and perform the massage correctly.

2.The basis of breast massage is the “C Hold”. Place one hand under each breast with the palms flat against your skin. The thumbs should naturally be resting at or on the outer side of each breast. Keeping the palms against your skin, gently draw the hands up so that they follow the natural curve under each breast. Stop when each breast rests within your hands with the thumbs resting naturally on the tops or sides of each breast. Mothers who have nursed their babies will recognize the “C Hold” from use as preparation for nursing.

3.With the breasts resting in each hand, push them together, towards the cleavage. The fingers and palms of each hand should meet at the completion of this motion. Although there should be pressure exerted during this motion, it should NOT induce pain. You should develop a rhythm fast enough to stimulate the blood circulation but slow enough to thoroughly address the breasts completely.

4. For growth, this motion will be repeated from all directions including pushing each breast away from the cleavage. For firming, only push towards the cleavage and up towards the neck. Perform the massage for a minimum of two minutes.

There are other techniques but the “C Hold” and this most basic method are starting points. Although massage alone is a good start, it is better when performed using a breast enhancement cream. Products made with Pueraria Mirifica are particularly efficient and produce excellent results when used with daily massage.

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Different Types of Pueraria Mirifica

Although the rare herb Pueraria Mirifica is being heralded as the woman’s “miracle herb”, it has been used as a dietary supplement for both men and women in Thailand for centuries. There are actually four types of the herb that grow exclusively in Thailand. Only two of them, the red and the white varieties, have been found to significantly affect humans. Due to the potency of Pueraria Mirifica, native herbal healers and researchers have learned which types should be used for the appropriate results.

White Pueraria Mirifica

The type of Pueraria Mirifica used for feminine purposes is the white variety. It is this form of the herb which is featured in the latest natural breast enlargement products and to promote hormonal balance in women. The high content of photoestrogens contained in the white Pueraria Mirifica have significant effects on various female issues as well when taken as a dietary supplement. Evidence shoes that the herb stimulates other hormones that can help combat the reduction of bone mass in women which commonly leads to osteoporosis.

Since the high levels of photoestrogen particularly target feminine attributes, the use of Pueraria Mirifica is of great benefit to women who are either experiencing menopause or in the post-menopausal stage. The herb has been known to reduce vaginal dryness as well as help stimulate the libido. General skin, hair and nail rejuvenation are additional benefits for women in this stage of life.

The effects of the white Pueraria Mirifica on female breasts are perhaps the most notable and desirable of the herb’s benefits. Used either as a dietary supplement or topically, the proven ability to firm and stimulate the growth of breast tissue is what has established it as the “miracle herb” for women of all ages.

Red Pueraria Mirifica

Nature did not ignore men when it came to the benefits of Pueraria Mirifica. The red variety of this herb is generally given to men because the effects on the breasts are not as significant if at all. The red form of the herb has been shown to affect inherently male tissue areas. Additionally, this form of the herb lessens wrinkles appearing around the eyes, reverse pattern baldness, increase blood circulation and increase energy and stamina. The red Pueraria Mirifica has also been shown to stimulate the growth of hair and help fight problems involving cataracts in the eyes.

Both forms of the herb can be used by both sexes to obtain the many benefits. Care should be taken in administering the white Pueraria Mirifica to men unless they want the feminine benefits.

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Available Forms of Pueraria Mirifica

Now that the herb Pueraria Mirifica has been studied and recognized for its natural breast enlarging properties, products have been developed to make it available to the average consumer for use. Because the herb has been found to be so potent, it is usable in several forms and for a variety of applications.

Pueraria Mirifica grows in Thailand and has been used by the indigenous population for centuries. Natively known as “Kwao Krua Gow”, the tuber of this plant has been harvested and used by the locals for generations to enhance nails, hair, skin and breasts. Recently published research has proven that Pueraria Mirifica contains the highest levels of phytoestrogen of any herb or plant known.

Phytoestrogen is a naturally existing compound found in plants which closely resembles the hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogen can be found in many plants but not in the quantities or potency of that found in Pueraria Mirifica. There are types of the herb that are better than others based on cultivation and harvesting techniques. The most sought after form of the herb is the white type cultivated in the northern tropics of Thailand. This is considered “premium” grade.

Since it so closely resembles estrogen, Pueraria Mirifica has several practical applications that have been tested in laboratories and evidenced by numerous testimonials from actual consumers.

  • Menopausal Symptoms – The herb’s resemblance to estrogen makes it an effective alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Use of it greatly reduces the occurrence of hot flashes and night sweats by restoring a woman’s natural hormonal balance.
  • Skin Care – Many claim that Pueraria Mirifica reverses the aging process on a cosmetic level by revitalizing sun-damaged and wrinkled skin. It is also reported to restore damaged or weak nails and hair.
  • Breast Enhancement – To date, Pueraria Mirifica is the most effective natural form of breast enhancement and enlargement. In addition to increasing breast size, use of this herb has been proven to lift sagging breasts and make them firmer.







Trials and research have found no side effects other than increased breast size in the use of Pueraria Mirifica. The multiple effects it has on feminine attributes make it ideal for use in various ways. Not only is it safely ingested but effective when applied topically. There are few distributors for the herb in both forms although Purafem is one company that does offer all the forms in which Pueraria Mirifica can be used:

  • Pills – Pueraria Mirifica combined with multi-vitamins, ginseng and other natural ingredients.
  • Creams – Generally massaged into the breasts to achieve absorption and faster results for growth and firming.
  • Serum – Made using nanotechnology and can be applied topically to various parts of the body including the face to effect age-defying results.





Most people use a combination of Pueraria Mirifica products to more efficiently achieve desired results. For this reason, the products are available in kits as well as individually.

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Breast Enhancement and Feminine Sexuality

We frequently use the term “sexy” to describe a myriad of things from a dress to a marketing campaign. It is meant to describe a quality of perception that elicits arousal or brings to mind thoughts of the act of sex. Since the majority of “sexy” advertising and other media and entertainment content primarily targets the heterosexual male, it is a common misconception that the hurdles and hoops women jump through to enhance their appearance are solely for the benefit of men as well. Although being attractive to potential mates is a major component of the female ego, it is only a fraction of what makes a woman “sexy”.

It is easy to forget that at the basis of sexuality is sensuality. What a woman feels makes the attitude and even the appearance that she projects more attractive. Women are typically described as being more sensitive than men and with good reason. A woman’s body generally has more physically sensitive areas. In addition to physical sensitivity, those areas which are naturally feminine hold unique meaning and importance as they are not only attractive to others but an innate source of feminine power and sensuality.

By choosing to enhance the size of the bosom, a woman is not only changing what the world sees, but how she relates to and feels about herself. With this in mind, any decision a woman makes to alter her natural endowments has to be made very carefully and selfishly.  Unfortunately, the most common form of augmentation, breast implants, contradicts the care and self-love with which a woman needs to approach changing her body.

The procedure to install surgical implants is inherently invasive and dangerous. Since breast implants have a limited amount of years to safely exist inside the body, it is also a long-term commitment to more surgery. Perhaps most importantly, it forces the body to accept something entirely artificial to achieve a naturally feminine result. Therefore, it is not surprising that complications resulting from this surgery are common and numerous.

To improve on nature, it is best to elicit the assistance of Nature. Centuries of herbal lore have provided women with cures and treatments for just about any malady or desire possible and breast enlargement is no exception. Natural breast enlargement products are infinitely safer and cost a fraction of what the multiple surgeries of breast implants require. Most recently, a rare herb has been researched, tested and found to be the most potent herb to naturally induce breast growth.

Pueraria Mirifica has been used by primitive cultures in the remote areas where this rare herb is found for hundreds of years. Using products like this instead of the grossly artificial implants will enhance a woman’s relationship with her body rather than making it a stranger to her.

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Herbal Medicine and Breast Enlargement

Making the intelligent choice to take a natural approach to breast enlargement presents a new variety of methods to choose from. Since natural breast enhancement treatments primarily feature the use of herbs, the methods of herbal application are many. Herbal medicine is the original medical discipline and the ways in which herbs are used are ancient and at the same time, constantly evolving. Pharmaceutical companies have been expanding on herbal medicines for years. However, the incorporation of synthetic products as well as a preoccupation with profit margins have made people start looking to the origins.

Both men and women have found herbal alternatives to surgical and pharmaceutical breast enlargement options to be effective. There are many herbs that stimulate breast tissue growth. These herbs usually have the added benefit of enhancing other attributes contributing to a more feminine appearance and other hormonal issues.

Saw Palmetto

A popular naturopathic remedy for centuries, saw palmetto has been proven effective for the treatment of many conditions in both men and women. In addition to being a strong aphrodisiac, this herb has been used by Native Americans since time immemorial to treat female breast disorders. It is known to contain a high level of phyto-nutrients which stimulate the growth and health of breast tissue.


For centuries, fennel has been used to promote healthy breast milk production in mothers recently giving birth. Due to its high content of estrogenic compounds, it has traditionally been used topically in lotions and salves in addition to dietary supplements and teas to generate breast growth.

Pueraria Mirifica

Naturally growing only in Thailand and Burma, Pueraria Mirificahas been a well kept secret of the people indigenous to these areas. Recent research has revealed that this herb contains the highest concentration of phytoestrogens, naturally occurring compounds found in plants that behave almost identically as estrogen. Laboratory testing has shown that ingestion of Pueraria Mirifica in combination with topical applications produces up to an 80% increase in breast size. It has also been found to effectively promote feminine hormonal balance.


Used around the world since ancient times for the treatment of a variety of female complaints including male impotence, fenugreek is a mainstay in the herbal tradition. In addition to a wide array of general medicinal applications which have been recently researched and proven, fenugreek stimulates the growth of healthy breast tissue. Researchers have proven that this herb helps lower high cholesterol, lessens menstrual symptoms, and may be of use in the treatment of diabetes. Many speculate that the multiple medicinal benefits of fenugreek may cause it to become harder to obtain soon.

Wild Yam

Often used in tonics for women, wild yam has long been a remedy for feminine health issues. Said to be especially effective for treating the symptoms of menopause, wild yam is renowned for its breast enlargement properties. Although it is easily taken internally, it is often used in salves or lotions to be applied topically to the breasts.

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Male Breast Enlargement Options

There are several options available to men who want to increase the size of their breasts. Some methods are better than others. The decision to take definitive action in an effort to obtain a more feminine physique is never one to be taken lightly and the road towards this goal usually requires dedication, time and patience.

Hormone Therapy

Most men who want to grow a more feminine bust line use hormone therapy. This method requires the man to ingest pharmaceutical grade estrogen, the female hormone. It takes a great deal of time and the treatment will become a permanent part of the man’s life. This method can also be expensive. The up-side of hormone therapy is that the side-effects include a reduction in body hair growth and more feminine attributes throughout the body.

Breast Implants

This common method for female breast enhancement is also popular with men. Unfortunately, the risks and pain are shared by the sexes. Additionally, the lack of extra skin in the breast area usually necessitates the use of hormone therapy to give the man the space needed to accommodate the implants. Although the results of the surgery are relatively instant, the inherent dangers coupled with the exorbitant price tag may make this choice less attractive.

Natural Breast Enlargement Methods

It may be surprising to learn that the idea of breast enhancement for men is not a new concept nor is it unique to Western cultures. In Thailand, a large portion of the population consists of self-proclaimed “gatoeys” or “lady-boys”. In this and other more remote parts of the world, herbal breast enlargement techniques for men have been in use for centuries without pharmaceutical companies or plastic surgeons.

There are several herbal breast enhancement products on the market. Most of them use a combination of herbs that are traditionally used to treat feminine issues such as menopause, PMS, infertility and various problems due to hormonal imbalance. The majority of these herbs such as Wild Yam, Saw Palmetto, Black Cohosh, Passion Flower and Red Raspberry are common all over the world.

One notable exception is the relatively new product, Purafem. This product offers a complete breast enlargement system which is based around the herb Pueraria Mirifica. This rare herb has undergone extensive research due to the impressive results it has produced in raw form. Studies have found that this herb contains the highest concentration of phytoestrogen, the naturally occurring form of the female hormone found in plants.

The Purafem male breast enlargement system includes the topical serum, a cream and the pills all containing Pueraria Mirifica as the primary active ingredient. Testing has shown significant male breast enlargement with consistent use over a period of months. Like hormone therapy, use of this product results in other feminine enhancements throughout the body.

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Exploring Breast Enhancement Options

There are many factors that can lead to a person considering breast enhancement and the decision is never easy or one to be taken lightly. Self image is a vital part of happiness for both women and men. It is almost impossible for us to separate our perception of our bodies from how we appear to others. There is nothing wrong with improving what we perceive as shortcomings when it is possible.

For women, a large portion of femininity both felt internally and perceived by others is the beauty of the breasts. Although by no means the only defining attribute, even in our enlightened society the allure and value of a full bosom is inextricably tied to our view of femininity.

Nature and time can play cruel tricks on the body of a woman. Childbirth and age can take their toll on once full and firm breasts. Perhaps one of the cruelest of Nature’s jokes is the complete lack of breasts due to being born to the wrong gender. Many men have to struggle with the decision of breast enhancement as well.

In recent years, the options for breast enhancement have broadened. In addition to cosmetic surgery, there are also prescription medications, breast enlargement massage techniques, topical breast enlargement creams, and natural breast enhancement programs that combine some of these options.

By far, the most dangerous and invasive option is surgical breast implants. While there are risks with any surgery, breast implants pose a unique threat to the body which can lead to dire complications and in some instances, death. Breast implants have a finite time period of safely residing in the body. In the best of circumstances, they can last up to 10 years although some are manufactured with shorter life spans. Once the safe period has elapsed, breakage and leakage can occur and additional surgery will be necessary. The temporary nature of breast implants will necessitate further surgery even without complications.

In addition to the inherent dangers of breast implants, the results are usually disappointing. Scar tissue naturally forms around any foreign object inserted into the body which results in hardness and a loss of sensitivity. Recovery from the surgery is painful and takes time. The results of a successful surgery almost never look natural and just about everyone can tell on sight that a woman has surgical implants. On top of everything else, the procedure is expensive.

Fortunately, there is a safe and effective alternative. The natural herb Pueraria Mirifica has been proven to substantially increase breast size in a mere 3-4 months. Most users report significant changes within the first 30 days. At a fraction of the cost of breast implants, this “miracle herb” is 100% natural and has no side effects. Backed by a 60 day full guarantee to issue a refund on any returned products, it just makes sense to try this natural program for breast enhancement before resorting to anything else.

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Natural Herb Offers Miraculous Breast Enhancement

The quest for beauty and youthfulness has led to amazing strides in medicine and scientific research. Unfortunately, most of these discoveries have been inspired by the unhappiness felt by so many of us when we look in the mirror. One of the most common complaints among women when evaluating their appearance is breast size. At some point in her life, almost every woman in the world has been unhappy with the lack of size or definition in this part of her body. Bathing suits don’t fit quite right, blouses sag in the wrong places and there is the nagging fear that the body clothed is sexier than the body revealed.

Until recently, the best solution for this age old concern has been breast implants. What was once heralded as the savior of the “curvaceously challenged” has since been proven to be the mistake of a lifetime for many women. Millions of dollars have been spent on a short-term fix that is notorious for painful recoveries, unnatural proportions and often life-threatening complications. Scar tissue that naturally forms around the implants renders the breasts hard and lacking sensitivity. Additionally, the surgery must be repeated every 3 – 10 years or the implants will leak fluid into the body.

Fortunately, scientific research has yielded a natural alternative for breast enhancement. The natural herb Pueraria Mirifica has been used to enhance breasts for centuries in the few areas of the world where it grows. Intensive research and development of this “miracle herb” has led to its use as the primary ingredient of Purafem.

Purafem is a 100% natural product which combines Pueraria Mirifica serum, cream and capsules. This product is backed by a 60 day guarantee. Purafem is produced with the highest quality ingredients and in accordance with the strictest standards.

Purafem is also found to be effective for men without surgery or expensive hormone therapy. This is because the herb Pueraria Mirifica has the highest level of naturally occurring phytoestrogens. This also makes Purafem contribute to the maintenance of female hormonal balance before, after and during menopause.

More detailed product information is available for your review from the ebook available for download from this website.

It just may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

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