Available Forms of Pueraria Mirifica

Now that the herb Pueraria Mirifica has been studied and recognized for its natural breast enlarging properties, products have been developed to make it available to the average consumer for use. Because the herb has been found to be so potent, it is usable in several forms and for a variety of applications.

Pueraria Mirifica grows in Thailand and has been used by the indigenous population for centuries. Natively known as “Kwao Krua Gow”, the tuber of this plant has been harvested and used by the locals for generations to enhance nails, hair, skin and breasts. Recently published research has proven that Pueraria Mirifica contains the highest levels of phytoestrogen of any herb or plant known.

Phytoestrogen is a naturally existing compound found in plants which closely resembles the hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogen can be found in many plants but not in the quantities or potency of that found in Pueraria Mirifica. There are types of the herb that are better than others based on cultivation and harvesting techniques. The most sought after form of the herb is the white type cultivated in the northern tropics of Thailand. This is considered “premium” grade.

Since it so closely resembles estrogen, Pueraria Mirifica has several practical applications that have been tested in laboratories and evidenced by numerous testimonials from actual consumers.

  • Menopausal Symptoms – The herb’s resemblance to estrogen makes it an effective alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Use of it greatly reduces the occurrence of hot flashes and night sweats by restoring a woman’s natural hormonal balance.
  • Skin Care – Many claim that Pueraria Mirifica reverses the aging process on a cosmetic level by revitalizing sun-damaged and wrinkled skin. It is also reported to restore damaged or weak nails and hair.
  • Breast Enhancement – To date, Pueraria Mirifica is the most effective natural form of breast enhancement and enlargement. In addition to increasing breast size, use of this herb has been proven to lift sagging breasts and make them firmer.







Trials and research have found no side effects other than increased breast size in the use of Pueraria Mirifica. The multiple effects it has on feminine attributes make it ideal for use in various ways. Not only is it safely ingested but effective when applied topically. There are few distributors for the herb in both forms although Purafem is one company that does offer all the forms in which Pueraria Mirifica can be used:

  • Pills – Pueraria Mirifica combined with multi-vitamins, ginseng and other natural ingredients.
  • Creams – Generally massaged into the breasts to achieve absorption and faster results for growth and firming.
  • Serum – Made using nanotechnology and can be applied topically to various parts of the body including the face to effect age-defying results.





Most people use a combination of Pueraria Mirifica products to more efficiently achieve desired results. For this reason, the products are available in kits as well as individually.