Can Breast Massage Help Natural Breast Enhancement?

There are many options for the woman who wants to increase or improve the condition of her breasts. These can range from dietary supplements to the drastic measure of surgical breast implants. For those who choose to follow a more natural path to breast enhancement, massaging can play an important role.

While use of natural breast enhancement products may stimulate the growth of breast tissue, breast massage will help guide that growth into the desired shape. Many women use natural breast enhancement systems for firming and toning the breasts they already have. Regular use of massage will encourage the breasts to lift and become more toned by training the tissue.

Although most people perform breast massage on themselves, a partner can not only improve the efficiency of the massage but can make the procedure a more pleasurable experience. It is important to remember the purpose of the massage in order to maintain the appropriate amount of pressure and consistency of motion. Take the time to watch some of the many videos available on the internet that show professional and amateur administered massages to give you both some guidance.Basic Massage Technique

1.Stand in front of a mirror with the upper body completely exposed. Clothing will only hinder movement and accuracy. RELAX. This is a time to focus on your body. Allow for enough time to concentrate and perform the massage correctly.

2.The basis of breast massage is the “C Hold”. Place one hand under each breast with the palms flat against your skin. The thumbs should naturally be resting at or on the outer side of each breast. Keeping the palms against your skin, gently draw the hands up so that they follow the natural curve under each breast. Stop when each breast rests within your hands with the thumbs resting naturally on the tops or sides of each breast. Mothers who have nursed their babies will recognize the “C Hold” from use as preparation for nursing.

3.With the breasts resting in each hand, push them together, towards the cleavage. The fingers and palms of each hand should meet at the completion of this motion. Although there should be pressure exerted during this motion, it should NOT induce pain. You should develop a rhythm fast enough to stimulate the blood circulation but slow enough to thoroughly address the breasts completely.

4. For growth, this motion will be repeated from all directions including pushing each breast away from the cleavage. For firming, only push towards the cleavage and up towards the neck. Perform the massage for a minimum of two minutes.

There are other techniques but the “C Hold” and this most basic method are starting points. Although massage alone is a good start, it is better when performed using a breast enhancement cream. Products made with Pueraria Mirifica are particularly efficient and produce excellent results when used with daily massage.