Breast Enhancement and Feminine Sexuality

We frequently use the term “sexy” to describe a myriad of things from a dress to a marketing campaign. It is meant to describe a quality of perception that elicits arousal or brings to mind thoughts of the act of sex. Since the majority of “sexy” advertising and other media and entertainment content primarily targets the heterosexual male, it is a common misconception that the hurdles and hoops women jump through to enhance their appearance are solely for the benefit of men as well. Although being attractive to potential mates is a major component of the female ego, it is only a fraction of what makes a woman “sexy”.

It is easy to forget that at the basis of sexuality is sensuality. What a woman feels makes the attitude and even the appearance that she projects more attractive. Women are typically described as being more sensitive than men and with good reason. A woman’s body generally has more physically sensitive areas. In addition to physical sensitivity, those areas which are naturally feminine hold unique meaning and importance as they are not only attractive to others but an innate source of feminine power and sensuality.

By choosing to enhance the size of the bosom, a woman is not only changing what the world sees, but how she relates to and feels about herself. With this in mind, any decision a woman makes to alter her natural endowments has to be made very carefully and selfishly.  Unfortunately, the most common form of augmentation, breast implants, contradicts the care and self-love with which a woman needs to approach changing her body.

The procedure to install surgical implants is inherently invasive and dangerous. Since breast implants have a limited amount of years to safely exist inside the body, it is also a long-term commitment to more surgery. Perhaps most importantly, it forces the body to accept something entirely artificial to achieve a naturally feminine result. Therefore, it is not surprising that complications resulting from this surgery are common and numerous.

To improve on nature, it is best to elicit the assistance of Nature. Centuries of herbal lore have provided women with cures and treatments for just about any malady or desire possible and breast enlargement is no exception. Natural breast enlargement products are infinitely safer and cost a fraction of what the multiple surgeries of breast implants require. Most recently, a rare herb has been researched, tested and found to be the most potent herb to naturally induce breast growth.

Pueraria Mirifica has been used by primitive cultures in the remote areas where this rare herb is found for hundreds of years. Using products like this instead of the grossly artificial implants will enhance a woman’s relationship with her body rather than making it a stranger to her.