Dodged Bullet: A Woman’s Breast Enlargement Journey

I have always preferred to refer to myself as “petite”. At the age of 27, I was happily single with no children and a job teaching which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although a little on the shy side, I have never been completely without romantic interests. I have a fairly active social life but I usually preferred to stay at home with a good book. I was never one to initiate conversation with people I did not know and usually had friends who seemed to enjoy “fixing” me up with eligible men they knew.

I have a good friend, Jackie, who had recently gone through a particularly tough divorce and decided that since she was in her 30s and newly single, it was time to make a definitive change in her appearance to celebrate her freedom. She decided to get breast implants. She asked me to go with her to the cosmetic surgery and make sure she got home alright and I did. Everything seemed to go fine and once she was comfortably on her couch with pain relievers close at hand, she assured me that I could leave her and go home. I visited her a few days later and got to see the dramatic results of her procedure. She was definitely bigger and I was amazed at the happiness her new breasts seemed to give her.

Later that night, I took a long, hard look in the mirror. I began to wonder how much of my personality was actually dictated by my size 32A bust line. Would I be more outgoing if I knew men liked what they saw when they looked at me? Would I be able to fix myself up on a date if I had the confidence to walk up to a man and introduce myself? I decided that it was time I changed what seemed to be an oversight by Mother Nature.

I called Jackie the next day to ask for the phone number of the surgeon who had performed her implant operation so I could make an appointment. She said, “I’ll do you one better. Can you pick me up and take me back to his office?” She had called for an appointment due to extreme pain and tightness in her chest. She was scared and I was scared for her.

Jackie had developed capsular contracture and had to undergo an additional surgery to remove the scar tissue that had developed in her breasts. Although I felt bad for my friend, I have to admit that I felt worse for myself. I had decided to take control over and change my body but I had no intention of going through the pain and expense of multiple, risky surgeries. I had to be grateful for the timing of Jackie’s complications. I really dodged a bullet!

At home after a couple of glasses of self-pity, I decided to surf the net for other options for breast enhancement. I stumbled upon an article about an organic breast enlargement system based on the herb Pueraria Mirifica. The idea of growing my breasts naturally took hold and I ordered a kit from Purafem.

That was seven months ago. Jackie has recovered well from her surgeries but she is angry about the $8000 she spent of her divorce settlement. I on the other hand, am celebrating the fourth new bra I’ve had to buy since beginning my use of Pueraria Mirifica. My bust size has grown from a 32A to a 34C. I have also had to do a little more shopping for new blouses since I no longer feel the need to wear all crew-necks. My breasts started to noticeably grow within 30 days of using the system and I’m actually enjoying the change I see in the appraising looks of men I meet. I don’t accept blind dates anymore and I finally feel like my body and personality match.