Herbal Medicine and Breast Enlargement

Making the intelligent choice to take a natural approach to breast enlargement presents a new variety of methods to choose from. Since natural breast enhancement treatments primarily feature the use of herbs, the methods of herbal application are many. Herbal medicine is the original medical discipline and the ways in which herbs are used are ancient and at the same time, constantly evolving. Pharmaceutical companies have been expanding on herbal medicines for years. However, the incorporation of synthetic products as well as a preoccupation with profit margins have made people start looking to the origins.

Both men and women have found herbal alternatives to surgical and pharmaceutical breast enlargement options to be effective. There are many herbs that stimulate breast tissue growth. These herbs usually have the added benefit of enhancing other attributes contributing to a more feminine appearance and other hormonal issues.

Saw Palmetto

A popular naturopathic remedy for centuries, saw palmetto has been proven effective for the treatment of many conditions in both men and women. In addition to being a strong aphrodisiac, this herb has been used by Native Americans since time immemorial to treat female breast disorders. It is known to contain a high level of phyto-nutrients which stimulate the growth and health of breast tissue.


For centuries, fennel has been used to promote healthy breast milk production in mothers recently giving birth. Due to its high content of estrogenic compounds, it has traditionally been used topically in lotions and salves in addition to dietary supplements and teas to generate breast growth.

Pueraria Mirifica

Naturally growing only in Thailand and Burma, Pueraria Mirificahas been a well kept secret of the people indigenous to these areas. Recent research has revealed that this herb contains the highest concentration of phytoestrogens, naturally occurring compounds found in plants that behave almost identically as estrogen. Laboratory testing has shown that ingestion of Pueraria Mirifica in combination with topical applications produces up to an 80% increase in breast size. It has also been found to effectively promote feminine hormonal balance.


Used around the world since ancient times for the treatment of a variety of female complaints including male impotence, fenugreek is a mainstay in the herbal tradition. In addition to a wide array of general medicinal applications which have been recently researched and proven, fenugreek stimulates the growth of healthy breast tissue. Researchers have proven that this herb helps lower high cholesterol, lessens menstrual symptoms, and may be of use in the treatment of diabetes. Many speculate that the multiple medicinal benefits of fenugreek may cause it to become harder to obtain soon.

Wild Yam

Often used in tonics for women, wild yam has long been a remedy for feminine health issues. Said to be especially effective for treating the symptoms of menopause, wild yam is renowned for its breast enlargement properties. Although it is easily taken internally, it is often used in salves or lotions to be applied topically to the breasts.