Under Eye Argireline Cream

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  • Stimulates collagen production naturally
  • Revives tired and fatigues skin around the eyes
  • Improves your skins complexion
  • Provides essential nutrients and nourishment
  • Boosts the skin renewal process
  • Soothes tired and damaged skin
  • Protects dermis from moisture loss
  • Tones, refreshes and purifies the skin
  • Fades wrinkles and fine lines

  • Cream Tube Size: 20ml / 0.67 fl oz
  • Main Ingredient: Argireline
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Product Description

When your day begins there’s no need to suffer with tired eyes or dark circles. Over time the skin covering the eyelids thins which can cause the blood vessels to become more visible. This emphasizes darker lower eyelids resulting in what is known as dark circles under the eyes. Also when you’re lying down, gravity causes fluid to collect in the lower eyelids which may create shadows below the eyes.The delicate skin around the eye requires special attention to avoid prematurely aging skin around the eyes.

PURAFEM Red Under Eye Argireline Cream is a unique formulation which is the latest technological advancement in topical applications for anti aging creams and anti aging skin care products. With unprecedented absorption when applied to the skin, now you’ll be able to wake up every morning with fresher looking eyes.


Additional information

Weight 150 g

Cream Tube Size: 20ml / 0.67 fl oz


Topical Serum and cream


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